The history of Kiasmo is the story of a casual encounter , among persons apparently very different from each other: an artist, an engineer and an entrepreneur. Three people all of them with passion for adventure, creativity and business. This, then, is the basis to understanding how on a random encounter lay the foundation of the Company Kiasmo.

The first meeting is that between the artist Vincenzo D’Alba and the engineer Francesco Maggiore. They first met in the late 90s when, because of study reasons , their paths met and they immediately recognize they were united by three great passions… art, design and history. Since then, dedication to study and research , besides keeping them together, also prompted them to travel and get to know many cities and countries, increasing their awareness of architecture and design. During this period they produced many works in the field of publishing and graphics, and their teaching method generated great interest. They choose a mixed path of the different arts, as inherited from their professor and teacher Francesco Moschini.

In 2008 the meeting with another great professor, Gianfranco Dioguardi lead to further deepen a multidisciplinary culture that becomes(became) the main feature of their way to creativity and design. In this period their relationship with the business world also began, thanks to the role of the Foundation Gianfranco Dioguardi. The synthesis between culture and enterprise becomes the premise on which to base the new targets. It is at this time that a figure appears in a position to make any real idea of the project: Mauro Melissano, an entrepreneur who embodies, in line with tradition, the spirit of the Italian patron and who became an important reference to turn into reality the experiences accumulated until that moment. A great sensitivity for the arts and a clear commercial vision are then characteristics that allow the entrepreneur to establish a unique dialogue between culture and enterprise.

In 2011 the business experience of Mauro, the organizational capacity of Francesco, the graphics originality of Vincenzo all combine to give life to the company Kiasmo. From the very first start, their fields of action are art, architecture, fashion and design. They decided to found and build the company’s headquarters in the heart of Salento, in Ruffano. The building itself is a work of architecture that becomes the manifesto of their understanding of the quality of craftsmanship, the importance of the materials and the Mediterranean culture.

Moreover, their great passion for travelling and distant lands projects the group the group into the international business.
Kiasmo becomes therefore a reality anchored to a territory and aimed at the world. New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Milan and Rome become privileged places for a production of excellence where luxury and customization are the key elements of the brand. The involvement of celebrities of the show business and music like the singer Paola Turci has allowed a wider recognition of the brand within the national scene. The constant relationship with the main media and web platforms such as Archilovers, Archiproducts, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica , Domusweb and Lovesdomus, becomes important to emphasize the production of Kiasmo within the tradition of the ‘made in Italy’ design and fashion.

Since the beginning Kiasmo, can count on the help of many contributors and collaborators. Indispensable are the suggestions and care of Esther Bonsante, who has always been close to our company and our products. To our blacksmith Luigi De Vitis, we recognize the great dedication to our work. Francesco Giannetta, whose humanity and culture guides us on the web. Cesario Guido who, with his constant presence and patience, solves many of our everyday problems. Giuseppe Olivieri whose photographs portray and represent us. Ilenia Passaseo extraordinary expert of the company and a fundamental collaborator. Tiziana Passaseo careful observer and an expert in the fashion industry. Alberto Corrado Pezzuto, unique master of sound metaphors and musical visions. Monia Saponaro, thanks to whom we can speak the languages of the world. Valentina Schito original and tireless provider of shapes and ideas. Alessandro Torsello, our precious skins artisan