Kiasmo is an Italian company established in 2011 and specialized in four specific areas: architecture, art, design, fashion. Being located in Ruffano (Lecce), in the center of the Salento peninsula in southern Italy, is a hallmark of the company politics and productions, as it allows to gather the influences that come from the extraordinary Mediterranean culture.

Kiasmo is a brand characterized by an extreme design devotion, to be included in the Made in Italy luxury category with strong connection to the international market. In the name Kiasmo is embodied the intersection between art, architecture, design and fashion and a production method characterized by an utmost, timeless style, in line with the highest Italian manufacturing and craftsmanship tradition.

Kiasmo is a recognizable brand, both in the high expressive and functional value of the artefacts and in its outcome, without stylistic prejudices. In fact, the innovation ability of the company can be found primarily in the choice to recognize the great historical and artistic heritage, and not only the Italian one, as a fundamental value for the design and creation of new works and artefacts.

The Kiasmo production is organized in series of works. Each one of the four branches of production contains within itself a collection of works divided into thematic areas. The production includes craft works, and industrial which are unique and serial. The collections are distinguished by their style and the rational use of natural materials.