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Metope VI

DesignerVincenzo D'Alba
Name: Metope VI
Series: Metope
Year of production: 2013
Materials: Concrete
Weight: 26500 kg
Size: 5 × 36 × 70 cm

The series “Metope” consists of six unique works in reinforced concrete with metal frame. Each sculpture is handmade by the artist Vincenzo D’Alba.
This series of works represents a contemporary reading of the sculptural narrative present on Greek temples. The connection between the use of graffiti and modeling of the concrete constitutes an original and expressive element able to synthesize the classic references with modern experimentations.
The “Metope” series can be customized according to the required sizes and themes, in line with the company style.

Shipping: 4-5gg
Price: 9.200,00 
Code: 2013KASMET6

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