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Disk III

DesignerVincenzo D'Alba
Name: Disk III
Series: Disk
Year of production: 2013
Materials: Ceramic
Weight: 1450 kg
Ø: 30 cm

The “Disk” series proposes, through a series of incisions in ceramics, an ancient and archaic culture that can express, even today, the charm of the design, of classicism and craftsmanship.
Disk III“, in continuity with the ” disk of Festo“, essential reference for the understanding of this work, is filled with iconographic references able to express and propose, through their composition, a valuable complexity of forms and meanings. The white color of the opera accentuates , even more, the refinement of an ancient culture seemingly lost forever.

Shipping: 4-5gg
Price: 4.100,00 
Code: 2013KSDDIS3

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