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Kiasmo is a firm that has always been committed to combine the old craftsmanship with the new production systems and communication. Kiasmo places in the middle of each product artistic creativity and human passion which is the best way to describe our products. These are the two main reasons that lead the Kiasmo to create a system of relationships between companies, people and culture.



Kiasmo for Paola Turci

The relationship with the singer Paola Turci stems from the desire to create a collection of t-shirts. His portrait, created by the artist Vincenzo D’Alba, becomes the beginning of a search based on design and music.


Kiasmo for Archiproducts

The sensitivity of society Edilportale in respect of design and construction, in all its aspects, leads, in 2015,  to create a series of plates called “Architecture”, characterised by a unique vision of the architectural volumes.


Kiasmo for Mudec

The relationship with Mudec is born in order to create a great affinity between art and production. For this reason, the artist Vincenzo D’Alba has drawn for the Mudec Design Store two sets of plates: one dedicated to the permanent ethnographic collection and the other inspired by the architecture of David Chipperfield.



The partnership with the designer Antonio Marras aims to create a wide range of products characterized by a strong graphic value and an important attention to tradition. The collection is the result of a work done in collaboration with the designer Vincenzo D’Alba. The graphic synthesis of the two artists is in line with Kiasmo’s mission, which focuses on the expressive quality of the project, on a constant study of history, therefore on a contemporaneity far from formalisms.

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